We’re changing so we can help more employees and their managers to have better conversations

We’ve welcomed some exciting new customers onboard this year. From start-ups featured on the BBC’s Dragon’s Den through to brands recognised the world over.

Our customers may differ in size, but what they all have in common is the desire to have the best and most engaged people. Because working alongside happy, engaged people makes better business sense.

They’ve recognised that doing regular weekly check-ins boosts engagement by putting their people first. And engaged employees outperform others by more than 20%.

So, what's changing?

Two things. Our brand’s the most visible change. Up until now, we’ve grown organically. Our CEO, Andy Roberts, created Weekly10 in 2017 out of frustration.

”I was fed up with the way performance reviews were a box-ticking exercise, and how tough it was to check-in with my team around the world.”

So, he did what any developer does best: he wrote his own software to fix the issue. He built Weekly10 for himself – an employee – just like the thousands of people who use Weekly10 every Friday to check-in.

And being honest, our initial branding was designed in the same way: at his kitchen table with his wife. As we grow up and get more feedback from customers, we want our brand to better reflect the value we offer. That’s why we’ve had a bit of a make-over.

But more importantly, we’re changing how we develop Weekly10 behind the scenes. From improvements to our psychology-based powerful questions bank and introducing predictive analytics to implementing new tech to guarantee scalability for our existing and future customers. This also sets us up to roll out a series of exciting new features over the next 6-12 months.

What's staying the same?

We’ll keep banging the drum that transparency is the only way to truly build trust in the workplace.

The Weekly10 check-in will always be built on transparent, two-way feedback because anonymity creates scepticism and disengagement. That’s what sets us apart. Weekly10 is built for employees, not just HR or the CEO.

We’re constantly improving the features and functionality in Weekly10. But the Weekly10 check-in will forever remain at the heart of what we do because ultimately, it helps employees and their managers to have better conversations.

You’ll also still get the same personal Welsh Valleys (not Silicon Valley) level of service and support that sets us apart.