Growing employee engagement using Microsoft Teams and Weekly10

There’s a gulf between what senior execs need and how employees feel. 71% of execs say employee engagement is critical to success but on average, only 1/3rd of talent is engaged.  

Engaged people are good for business

  • Customer loyalty increases 10% 
  • Profits are 23% higher 
  • Staff wellbeing soars 66% 

The relationship between engagement and performance at the business and work unit level is substantial, reports Gallup. And yet traditional ways of impacting engagement and performance are flawed: the time between annual performance reviews means measuring progress clunky, and little tangible benefit is seen from anonymous employee surveys.  

Manager feedback keeps top talent engaged 

Engaged employees feel valued, show pride, and put in more discretionary effort. 

Employees need constant feedback to know if what they are doing matters. 79% of employees feel they don’t get enough feedback, showing that annual or quarterly conversations aren’t equipped to provide the regular cadence that’s needed. 

Most managers (96%) agree that frequency makes giving feedback easier.  

The rise of Microsoft Teams 

How we work has changed forever. The near-overnight shift to remote working for much of the desk-based workforce has made us think about how we communicate at work. Managers are finding it tough to ‘read the room’ and keep up with how their teams feel. 

Microsoft Teams’ rise to dominance last year makes it critical to any tech stack, becoming as important as your computer’s operating system or internet browser, says Microsoft’s chief executive Satya Nadella in the Financial Times. 

And those words aren’t based on hopes and dreams, they’re based on data. Teams’ adoption exploded last year, growing from a daily user base of 13 million in 2019 to more than 115 million in September 2020. 

Teams pulls together all the tools employees need in a single workspace making it the hub for the workplace of the future. You can chat, video call, share live documents, and install apps like you would on your smartphone.  

Making engagement easy 

Companies who make their software accessible through Teams will see user adoption increase by the simple fact that users are already in Teams & they don’t need to open another tab or remember a new password; the app is already there. 

We saw it first-hand: the number of customers completing their Weekly10 check-in through Teams grew significantly in 2020. 

  • Employees loved the convenience and familiar look and feel of Weekly10 in Teams. 
  • Managers saved time with automatic in-app reminders and got visibility of their team being recognised through mentions. 
  • IT teams had one less headache with easy deployment, world-class security and no extra tech to support in their ever-increasing stack. 

Keeping employees engaged during uncertainty can be tough. Regular two-way feedback helps by encouraging meaningful conversations. Feedback also fosters trust which keeps employees feeling connected to their team and the wider business, a key contributor to being engaged and productive. 

And all achievable through tech that you’re already using. 

See how Weekly10 supports HR directors and senior leaders to impact and measure employee engagement and performance through Weekly10 on Microsoft Teams

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