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Keeping your people engaged. Every week.

Progress takes time and good habits. The Weekly check-in creates the space and time each week for your people to drive their own engagement. And all it takes is just 10 minutes.

Weekly10 | Weekly check-in
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Build a culture of trust with frequent feedback in their weekly check-in

Make it easier for your employees and their managers to have honest conversations. The weekly check-in encourages good habits that make giving and receiving positive and negative feedback specific and timely. This builds trust and deepens your peoples’ sense of belonging.

You’ll also get real-time insights into company mood so you, your managers, and senior leaders can resolve issues before they escalate.

Weekly10 | Weekly check-in builds culture of trust

Celebrate success and ask for support with a weekly check-in

The Weekly10 check-in gives your people a regular time and space to raise their concerns because they know they’ll be listened to. But crucially, they know they’ll get honest, timely feedback from their manager.

Because it’s weekly, the check-in makes open, honest conversations a regular thing and reinforces good habits.

It also encourages peer-to-peer recognition, which has an incredibly positive impact on engagement.

Weekly10 |Weekly check-in powers sentiment and engagement analytics

Powerful insights for you and your CEO

Each Weekly10 check-in is analysed for tone and sentiment, and powers all your AI-driven dashboards. They show how your organisation’s feeling and performing, from the whole company down to individual teams. All while keeping check-in data totally private between manager and employee.

Our people love it! It’s an essential HR tool for us and for any business that really cares about retaining its best people by helping them to be their best self.

Hannah Saunders

CEO & Founder Toddle

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