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Get a deeper understanding of your people

Understand employee engagement and drive real change in your workplace culture with tools built based on behavioural science insight.

Understand employee engagement with the hep of our behavioural People Science team!
Weekly10 | Improve employee feedback using Weekly10 in Microsoft Teams

Ask the right questions for immediate impact

Create lasting impact with an HR tool designed for your people, not for HR. The Weekly10 check-in is built on behavioural science insights.

Through the simple power of behavioural nudges, we can help create new habits for your people around the sharing of open and honest feedback and performance updates.

Whether it’s through peer recognition, ‘Pass-ups’, a comment or simple like, Weekly10 features small tools that are designed to power up engagement and drive better performance, for all.

Understand employee engagement with our Weekly10 check-in for Microsoft Teams

Little and often makes feedback effective

Traditional approaches to workplace feedback don’t work because they’re sporadic. Use our frequent but light-touch Weekly10 check-in to encourage a gentle but impactful shift in your people’s habits towards giving and receiving feedback and measuring performance.

Weekly10 sentiment analysis

People scientists on hand to support your journey

If your engagement is lagging or performance is dropping, then speak to our people science team.

We’ll help you better understand employee engagement, performance and wellbeing, including the benefits, pitfalls and behavioural hacks that drive success.

We’re on hand for 1:1 support, coaching and manager development sessions to help you boost engagement and impact performance. Or if you just want to chat over the latest Dan Ariely book, that’s cool too!

Everything Weekly10 does is founded in understanding human behaviour – and most particularly, in helping your team understand and manage to that as well.

Lisa Zorovich

Director of Operations @ Pivot Point Security

Weekly10 Employee Engagament and Performance Management in Microsoft Teams

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