Effective 1:1 Meetings

1:1 meeting software helps every conversation matter

The manager/employee relationship is built on trust. It’s critical for high engagement and great performance. Our 1 on 1 meeting software can help.

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1:1 meeting agenda from weekly check-in history

Build trust and transparency with more effective 1:1 meetings

Remote, flexi, and shift working means managers and their teams aren’t always aligned on time or tasks. This can create confusion and annoyance around performance conversations. So, when it’s time to meet, we help you to make each 121 meeting count.

Keep the conversation focused, timely and evidence-based by using the Weekly10 check-in history. Take the guesswork and “as I remember it” out of your conversations.

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A single source for performance data

Store templates and attachments in the Weekly10 file library for a structured, transparent audit trail of all your formal and informal conversations.

1:1 meeting notes between the manager and direct report are kept private and secure but accessible for your next check-in, or if you just need to check current progress against an agreed plan.

Pull in any data from the Weekly10 check-in, 360° feedback and even training certificates and records. Ensure you have all you need to make your next 1 to 1 meeting an effective, meaningful discussion, not a tick-box exercise.

Engagement and performance analytics
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It’s easy to set your next 1 on 1 meeting agenda

It’s quick and easy to prep for 1:1 meetings with the option to pre-populate the agenda. Choose from Weekly10 check-in history, recognition, manager feedback, and goal and OKR updates. You can even pull in 360° feedback too.

Have more meaningful conversations based on facts rather than speculation. Our 1 on 1 meeting software powered by the Weekly10 check-in is here to help.

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Give your employees the power to drive their own engagement and performance with our performance management software.

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