Employee Recognition

Employee recognition that feels authentic

Create a workplace culture that celebrates continuous improvement, saying thank you, and great team work. Shine a light on the champions with workplace recognition that feels genuine because it’s from your peers.

Weekly10 | Workplace recognition
Weekly10 | Workplace recognition helps identify over-achievers

Discover hidden talent with workplace recognition dashboards

Recognition dashboards show how often your people are mentioned during Weekly10 check-ins. This helps you and your managers to identify future superstars and team players who may otherwise go unnoticed.

@mentions have one of the biggest impacts on engagement and performance. That’s because your people see that their extra effort is being noticed. Key behavioural economics research shows that getting a thank you has more benefits than financial rewards. Great for your people and great for business.

Weekly10 | Workplace recognition feels more genuine from peers

Recognition in the workplace feels more genuine

Discretionary effort often goes unnoticed. The @mentions feature in your Weekly10 check-in reminds your people to say thank you or call out the great work their colleagues are doing. Recognition feels more authentic coming from colleagues rather than managers, and boosts morale. It’s also a great way to encourage cross-company collaboration.

The nominee and their manager get a notification, helping raise their profile and their day.

Weekly10 | Workplace recognition shows you value your employees

Reward and recognition boosts employee engagement

Measure and reward discretionary effort – a key indicator of being engaged – which is often tough to quantify.

The employee workplace recognition dashboard show you who’s continuously going above and beyond for their colleagues and your business. It helps to build great culture too when cross-function teams start recognising their project peers.

Push kudos notification to a Microsoft Teams Channel for public workplace recognition, and to encourage more @mentions across the company.

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