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Employee engagement that has an impact. Say hello to our Head of People Science!

So, who do we have here then?

  • Approx. 5ft 10
  • Shabby-chic face fluff
  • A rucksack of books about behavioural economics, social psychology and statistics
  • White lab coat

It can only be, our new Head of People Science & Marketing, Chris!

Chris is a trained consumer psychologist, having studied at Bangor University for both his BSc in Psychology and MSc in Consumer Psychology and Marketing. In his Master's year, he graduated with distinction, top of his class, picking up a national student marketing award win from the Chartered Institute of Marketing on route.

During his education at Bangor, he specialised in a fascinating array of fields ranging from behaviour change and communication psychology to atmospheric branding and even mindfulness. For his MSc thesis, he worked alongside Cadbury studying the impact of scent on shopping behaviours (and apparently got to eat a lot of free choc, not that we're jealous"¦).

Chris joins the Weekly10 team following a near seven year stay at leading UK digital signage agency, Pixel Inspiration. Working as Pixel's Head of Research, his focus was to work alongside FTSE 500 clients such as Toyota, RBS and O2 improving theoretical understanding of and real-world performance of content. Liaising with brand agencies, marketing teams, designers, developers and film crews, Chris helped steer creative strategy for some of the award-winning digital campaigns for clients including Halifax Bank and Argos.

Previous to Pixel, Chris has worked in a number of marketing and staff training roles for the likes of Pret, Blacks Leisure Group and even Chester Zoo (again, we're not jealous at all"¦).

Now we've snagged him, he will be spending his time making brews developing the Weekly10 platform to be even better. Chris will be charged with developing and testing out new ideas, features and tweaks to our UI in order to provide data-driven improvements of Weekly10 that leads to a better experience for you.

He will also be using his substantial marketing experience to help us shout about all the great things Weekly10 can do for you and your business; be it improving staff retention, decreasing absenteeism or creating a more productive workplace. As such, Chris will be coming with us to events, helping run our social media channels and even coming out from time to time to see you for workshops and product briefing sessions.

With him likely becoming a familiar face for many clients moving forward, we thought it best to ask him a few questions so we can all get to know him a little better:

What was the last book you read?

I'm a serial book starter, occasional book finisher. I always have a few on the go and at the moment I have the fantastically titled "˜The Art of Statistics' by David Spiegelhalter (genuinely far better than it sounds, I promise) and "˜Outpost' by Dan Richards. The last book I finished, was "˜Futebol: The Brazilian Way of Life' by Alex Bellos.

You're a football fan then?

Yep, I'm a pretty big footy nut. For my sins, I'm a Manchester United fan and I play in a couple of 5-a-side leagues a few times a week.

Favourite film?

As much as I like to think of myself as somewhat of a cultured film buff, you simply cannot beat a bit of Die Hard if you ask me. Yippee-ki-yay!

And when it comes to music?

I know it's what everybody says but I have a pretty eclectic taste when it comes to music. One minute I can be listening to some Led Zepplin or Arctic Monkeys, the next it will be Tupac, Miles Davis or Sigur Ros. If I had to choose a favourite artist, today it would be the American-folk band, Counting Crows. Tomorrow it'll be someone different though!

And finally, the golden question"¦is a Jaffa Cake really a cake?

Haha, well, sadly, I happen to know that when this went to court in the 1990s (seriously!) it was proven that they are indeed cakes, much to the joy of McVities and the disappointment of HMRC.

Plus, who has ever dunked a Jaffa!?

So, there we go, welcome Chris. If you would like to know more about our Head of People Science & Marketing, discuss some ideas about how Weekly10 can be even more impactful for you or simply fancy mocking his poor taste in football teams, feel free to drop him a line: