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Engagement without borders

Build and extend a great workplace culture and strong employee engagement outside of the office, no matter where or when your staff work.

Proud to help improve employee engagement, performance and wellbeing for these remote work companies:

Employee engagement for remote working teams

Whether you're a five-person team split across one country or a 10,000 employee strong global organisation split across continents, Weekly10 is the best solution for keeping remote employees engaged when face-to-face time is at a premium.

Tools to power engagement for remote workers

Weekly10 offers users a number of key features designed and proven to improve employee engagement. On top of the role played by regular, constructive feedback, the platform also:

Allows users to recognise the great work of others with 'Mentions'. This becomes vital when managers aren't in the same locations to see first hand all the 'extra mile' work being done.

Encourages managers to share successes or highlight issues through 'Pass Ups'

Receive training packs from HR, managers and senior leadership, even when away from the office.

An employee check-in for all

Research has shown that one of the key pillars of great employee engagement is open, two-way feedback between managers and their teams. Our weekly employee check-in means when direct contact is scarce, employee feedback can still take place without delay. Perfect for remote workers and dispersed companies.

With our Slack and Microsoft Teams apps, it couldn't be easier for employees to get to grips with Weekly10. One username, one password and an environment that's already familiar. Our mobile app means even remote staff without a work computer can be part of the process.

See how Weekly10 builds and strengthens remote employee engagement

Performance management for remote working teams

Build a performance-focussed culture with Weekly10's 'OKR/SMART goal' features and empower effective, evidence-based performance reviews, that deliver results.

Performance reviews that are ready to go in minutes and pack a punch

With all the data collected through our regular employee check-ins and with the extra benefit of our 360-feedback features, your managers will have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to reviews. Our customisable review templates help to unlock and structure this data in minutes, meaning a performance review can be ready to go in an instant.

What's more, the data collected means no more will performance appraisals be based on 'best guesses' and be at the mercy of recency bias. Conversations that are targeted and based on evidence, making reviews a walk in the park (which it might be for remote workers!)

SMART Goals or OKRs: Whatever is best for you!

Weekly10 has been developed to provide flexibility at every level, be it customisable employee check-in questions, dynamic organisational charts or our goal management process. If you are a SMART goal business, no problem, we have you covered. Prefer OKRs? Well, Weekly10 is optimised for both, so no sweat.

Try before you buy?

Employee wellbeing for remote working teams

When time spent in a single location reduces, the potential for issues to go unnoticed rises. Weekly10 works with clients on improving staff wellbeing processes to ensure every employee has the opportunity to ask for help when working remotely.

Give remote workers a weekly nudge on raising issues

Leaving your dispersed staff to raise issues when they feel it is an appropriate time can cause anxiety, stress and ultimately mean things are often left unattended. As part of the employee check-in, make asking about issues a habit.

Our curated question sets allow you to pick and choose check-in items designed to get to the bottom of any challenge. Our AI-question suggestions mean your bespoke questions become smarter and more effective at unearthing real employee attitudes, perceptions and behaviours on any topic.

Private questions when and where they are needed

Though by default answers are open and sent directly to an employees manager, we thought it was important to allow the option to create private questions directed to an entirely different user.

Have mental health first aiders in your business? Why not include a private question asking all staff if they need to book a call. Or maybe a financial advisor session? Remove the stigma and offer a new channel for accessing help via your weekly check-in.

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