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Download: How to manage performance and employee engagement during tough times

From a global pandemic to economic crisis and recession, plus the usual trials of running a business. Yes, the past few years have been tough - on your business and your people. Employee engagement suffers during tough times. So how do you keep employees engaged in a recession? How do tough times affect their performance? And is staff wellbeing on your agenda during mergers and acquisitions?

Tough times take many shapes. And wreck havoc on your employees. They can happen at a societal level thanks to the 24/7 news coverage. Or they can be incredibly personal. And everything in between.

They can relate directly to your business and things inside your orbit of control. Or they can be something that impacts the world, which means you have zero control over them.

This has never felt truer than the past 3 years. We’ve had unprecedented times thanks to COVID and turmoil in local and global economies.

Managing people in recessions, pandemics, and mergers

In this guide, we show you how to help your people become resilient in the face of uncertainty. And the effect that recessions, pandemics, and M&A activity has your people. So you can plan for fluctuations in employee performance, wellbeing, and employee engagement during tough times.

Why these three? Well we’re focusing on the large-scale events that impact the way we work and are often out of our direct control.

At the heart of those stresses are your people.

As a business leader, HR professional or people manager, it’s on you to ensure your people are protected, supported, and developed during any tough times. Central to that is their engagement, performance, and wellbeing. But how do you look after your people in a recession? How do you maintain employee engagement during tough times? And how do you ensure personal performance and employee engagement in tough times stays high? How do you protect your people’s wellbeing and be sure they can speak up when needed?

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