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Download: Weekly10 employee check-in software is a High Performer, say G2 reviewers

Employee engagement and performance management are both feedback processes. That makes frequent feedback the critical success factor to having the best and most engaged employees. Weekly10 is the employee check-in software that increases employee engagement and enables better employee performance by building a culture that thrives on frequent feedback.

G2 reviewers have spoken

Weekly10 employee check-in software offers the best all-in-one engagement, performance, and OKR software experience. See the detailed competitor comparison league table here.

  • Highest user adoption rate across comparative vendors
  • #1 Ease of Setup and #1 Easiest to do Business with for Performance Management
  • #1 Ease of Setup, #1 Easiest to do Business with, and #1 Easiest Admin for Employee Engagement
  • Fastest average ROI in just 10 months, with 100% reporting that they received full ROI
  • Fastest average roll-out, with 90% of customers going live within 1 month
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Weekly10 G2 Performance Management Software__EasiestToDoBusinessWith
Weekly10 G2 Performance Management Software__EasiestSetup
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The Weekly10 philosophy

Weekly10 is an all-in-one, real time engagement and performance conversation tool. That's because our employee check-in software encourages managers and employees to give and get feedback more often, which is the backbone of both high engagement and high performance.

That makes performance management and employee engagement two sides of the same coin. One always impacts the other. Having highly engaged employees leads to high performing teams.

But, traditional performance reviews mean rising stars can become disengaged when achievements aren't noticed. And poor performers are at risk of derailing their own development without regular two-way feedback.

Focus on everyday performance with frequent feedback

The Weekly10 employee check-in is not anonymous. As a result, employees are more likely to own and drive their own performance and development. And managers become more effective.

HR teams get the real time picture of the company's performance and engagement. They can compare geographies, functions, and individual managers. Problems can be flagged earlier and best practice bubbles up for others to replicate.

And industry leaders agree. The WSJ and HBR have both published articles showing the business impact that weekly employee check-in software can have on productivity and employee engagement.

>> Get instant access to the full report. No email sign up required <<

>> Get instant access to the full report. No email sign up required <<

How Weekly10 employee check-in software works

The weekly employee check-in drives engagement through feedback

Employees check-in regularly to their manager. Sharing successes and challenges, asking for help, and giving peer recognition. They can also set, align and update their goals.

Performance conversations are easy and enjoyable

Performance conversations are more effective and strategic. That's because there’s an evidence trail. And admin is automated, saving up to 90% of prep work needed.

HR dashboards show employee insights

HR and manager dashboards are fed by weekly check-ins and manager feedback, plus goal updates and performance conversations. These are your real-time management insights.

What makes Weekly10 different

We won’t make you jump through hoops to get a price or book a demo for our workplace feedback software. We’re all about transparency. Our sales and customer support are built on the same principles as our software: being transparent and easy to work with.

That’s probably why we’ve kept the top spot for being the Easiest Software Vendor to do business with and Easiest Setup across both the Employee Engagement and Performance Management categories. See the detailed competitor comparison league table here.

Statistic: 98% recommend Weekly10 employee check-in software
Statistic: 98% recommend Weekly10 employee feedback software
Statistic: 95% recommend Weekly10 workplace feedback software

>> Get instant access to the full report. No email sign up required <<

You’ll be up and running in no time at all

There’s nothing worse than getting a new toy and having to sit through endless hours of training to learn how to use it. You don't get that with us. Weekly10 is simple to use and easy to customise. That's why we’ve kept our crown of the Industry’s Easiest Engagement and Performance Software to set-up and administer.

But if you do want a hand, our HR-qualified Customer Success Partners are here to help. And you have access to our extensive support library too. There's also a useful roll-out guide too.

You’ll see a super quick and full return on your investment

We understand. You’re putting your name to something that everyone in the company will see and use. That’s why it’s got to work. And deliver the quick wins and long-term change you promised. Not just in terms of investment but those intangibles too.

Don’t worry. 57% of our customers reported full ROI in less than 6 months, and 100% in less than 36 months.

G2 Report ROI comparison graph

>> Get instant access to the full report. No email sign up required <<

The only employee check-in software with a Microsoft-first roadmap

We’re the only employee engagement, performance management, and OKR platform built with a Microsoft-first roadmap. Find us on the Microsoft AppSource.

Build conversation agendas directly from your Weekly10 check-in history. Record actions and feedback. Schedule meetings for future conversations, and more. No more out of date documents or paperwork. Managers get complete visibility of their team’s progress. And your people understand their contribution to company success, all within Microsoft Teams.

Designed for employees, built for Microsoft Teams

We’ve built Weekly10 with a Microsoft-first roadmap. That’s because we want to help you to reduce your tech stack, not add to it. Your people can use their Microsoft O365 account details to sign in to Weekly10. And manage all their engagement, performance, and goal setting activities within Microsoft Teams.

Your people can do all these things within their Microsoft Teams environment: Weekly check-ins, Two-way feedback, Employee recognition, 360° feedback, Performance conversations, OKRs and Goals, Employee visibility, and Insight gathering.

Weekly10 in Microsoft Teams - Check-in - Overview
Weekly10 in Microsoft Teams - Performance - 1 to 1
Weekly10 in Microsoft Teams - Manager's Dashboard - OKRs

Weekly10 consistency outperforms the usual suspects

As the world continues to change, we’ve moved from an HR-led employee experience to a truly employee led culture. With this comes fantastic opportunities and great responsibility. People-first HR processes must align with employee journeys not company financial cycles. But managers and employees need a framework that's flexible enough to support that.

That's where our weekly employee check-in software comes into it's own.

Having the best and most engaged people isn’t easy, and the balance of power has tipped. So, how do you see who’s engaged and hitting their goals? How do you see who’s a flight risk. And are your managers prepared for this?

You guessed it, frequent feedback.