Residential property insurance firm uses Weekly10 to improve performance reviews with more regular feedback

Magenta Insurance use Weekly10 to improve their performance review outcomes by encouraging more regular feedback through weekly check-ins.

Magenta Insurance specialises in residential property insurance for complex and high risk properties. Not every home or client fits the standard model of insurance risk, making it hard to find cover for many. That's where Magenta step in.

2020 was interesting for most businesses. Magenta Insurance had a solid work-from-home plan based on their employees' preferences. Matt Taylor is a CIPD qualified HR professional. He led the move to remote working, ensuring that their people were at the heart of the process.

We sat down with Matt to discuss the adoption and impact of Weekly10.

What challenges were you trying to address?

The office is a busy and demanding environment so keeping our people engaged and happy is really important.

But people were coming to their annual performance reviews with long lists of complaints. That was a red flag that something wasn't working, that concerns weren’t being raised when they first happened.

Traditional reviews simply weren’t working. Time, forgetting achievements from 10 months ago, and lack of tangible results were some of the reasons we heard.

How did Weekly10 address your challenges?

Matt chose Weekly10 Momentum because it addressed both of his key concerns: more effective performance reviews, and encouraging more frequent feedback between employees and their managers.

The fact that Weekly10 ticked both boxes was a huge benefit and this year we’re able to do better reviews, quicker with less time spent looking back at issues and more emphasis is put on our development plans.

What results have you seen so far?

The check-in is perfect for encouraging our people to share feedback. There have been some fantastic business improvement suggestions raised and applied as a result.

The integration with Microsoft Teams has been a game changer. It’s meant our people have quickly adopted the new process without needing to learn more tech.

One of the real benefits is employee recognition. More people are saying thank you, and we get to share in others’ successes which we weren’t seeing before. It’s a small thing, but it’s building a more collaborative team. We’ve started using this for employee awards too.

The fact that you can quickly pull all the check-in history and goals into any performance conversation makes it perfect for what we wanted to achieve.

I also love the flexibility. Whether that's setting our own questions or using the question bank. We can also customise performance reviews and schedule them how we want. And choose between SMART goals or OKR’s for setting objectives.

Performance reviews are better and quicker. We’ve spent less time looking back at issues because they’ve been raised and dealt with during the weekly check-ins, and more emphasis on future personal and professional development

How was the implementation process?

So easy! We rolled out to the business in October 2019 and that went very smoothly. Our Customer Success Manager helped us with the setup. They added our employee lists and coached us through question set-up, goal creation and launching the first check-in. And have been on hand to support as and when needed.

See how the Weekly10 check-in and performance tools helped Magenta ride the storm of COVID-19 and spot issues early even when remote working.

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