This New Zealand based professional outsourcing agency is boosting employee engagement with Weekly10

They’ve been using Weekly10 to boost employee engagement across their three offices, split across three continents.

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The Back Room has had a meteoric rise to become one of the regions leading business process outsourcing companies. They’ve been using Weekly10 to boost employee engagement across their three offices, split across three continents.

With offices in New Zealand, The Philippines and the U.S, The Back Room face a number of engagement challenges familiar to companies with a geo-dispersed workforce, the main one being effective employee feedback processes. We sat down with Head of Operations, Margaret Gimpel to chat a little about how Weekly10 is helping The Back Room and the importance of employee engagement in the professional services industry.

What was The Back Room’s Employee Engagement/Performance process prior to adopting Weekly10?

Prior to adopting Weekly10 our systems were very manual.  An annual appraisal form (in Excel format) was emailed out to clients (the effective “managers” of our staff) for completion.

We trialled a few options and settled on Weekly10 which has proved to be the ultimate solution for us collecting rich and effective employee feedback from our teams.

What challenges did you experience prior to using Weekly10?

The review feedback forms were very generic. No-one wanted to complete them, and we were always chasing them up.

Were there any high-level initiatives or goals that prompted the decision to invest in Weekly10? For example, was this decision motivated by a company-wide vision?

Yes – one of our core values is to be Tech-Focused, meaning that where technology can help improve systems, we will use that technology.

How did you find the process of implementing Weekly10 into your business?

The process has been amazing.  I have had superb support from the Weekly10 team right from the initial demo meeting. our account manager nd the support desk in particular have been great.

The structure of our business has meant that we have requested some bespoke customisation and enhancements to meet the diverse needs of our clients.  Weekly10 have been extremely obliging in responding to all our requests and have offered us fantasic service throughout. No request seems too much.  I cannot rate the support we receive highly enough – it’s outstanding!

How do you and your teams currently use Weekly10?

Our departments (clients) have been set up with varied feedback cycles as per their individual requests.

All 3-month and 6-month performance reviews are completed using a 360-degree template we have set up, and each department has input into the template that we use for their annual reviews.

What is your favourite feature or part of Weekly10 and why?

My favourite part of Weekly10 is the Performance Review Template Builder.  The Template Builder gives us flexibility to create virtually any review format imaginable for our clients, from peer reviews, manager reviews or self-reviews with mandatory or optional feedback settings.

The range of feedback elements that are available for selection allows for the creation of highly customised templates.

How does Weekly10 help The Back Room achieve its objectives?

Weekly10 sets up an effective employee feedback loop between our staff and our clients which allows us to monitor performance in a way that is less intrusive for our staff and allows for a more self-regulated approach to perofrmance management.

An added benefit is that we have visibility over any issues or concerns that are raised and we can take action/intervene if necessary to assist in resolving.

What business benefits have you seen from using Weekly10?

We have a much more manageable and timely view of how our business is not only perfroming but where things up from a staff attitudes point of view. Our clients have reacted well to the change & acknowledged our great improvements to processes.

Initially we chose to work with Weekly10 due to admin functions that we were looking for.  The way that the product continues to evolve, and the support that we receive reinforces that this was most definitely a wise decision.

See how a simple employee check-in has helped The Back Room engage employees across three continents and drive better results for customers.

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