Customer Event: Launching your new Goals & OKR Experience

Get ready for your new Weekly10 Goals & OKR Experience on Web and in Microsoft Teams.

Weekly10 CEO Andy Roberts walks you through this major launch.

Your new Goals & OKR Experience is a central hub where your employees can easily see how they're performing. It also shows the contribution they're making to team and company objectives thanks to the clear goal and OKR hierarchy.

Managers and leaders can make more informed decisions based on real-time progress, rather than waiting for results to be collated. They can deep dive and slice-and-dice the data to really understand your people's performance.

What you'll see

  • A quick recap on the difference between OKRs and Goals
  • The science behind your new Goals & OKR Experience
  • A demo of your new Goals & OKR Experience in action

Watch the recording here