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Weekly10 wins UK’s largest seed funding competition, The Start-Up Series.

Press Office | Weekly10 / August 14, 2019

It’s already been a big twelve months for us here at Weekly10; we moved in to our home at Wrexham Enterprise Hub, made the regional finals of the prestigious PitchAtPalace, are nominated for a Wales Start-Up award and now, we have won a six-figure investment from a prestigious start-up funding competition.

The Start-Up Series was launched in October 2016 by (the UK’s longest running independent online resource for start-ups) and investment promoters Worth Capital and is the largest seed funding competition in the UK. The competition looks to boost the growth of one lucky winner with a six-figure equity seed funding.

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Say hello to our shiny new Senior Software Engineer, Mike.

Weekly10 / July 25, 2019

That’s right all, Weekly10 has grown again!

This time we’ve added some good looks and youthful charm to the development team, in the shape of Mike.

Mike (or Michal if he’s in trouble), joins Weekly10 as our Senior Software Engineer this month, bringing a wealth of software development experience to the team, with an aim of driving platform performance and innovation. He also brings over 10 years' worth of industry knowledge having developed software within the HR Tech sector since 2008.

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10 Top Tips For Being an Effective and Happy Remote Worker

Chris Shenton | Head of People Science at Weekly10 / July 18, 2019

Gather round one and all, we’re here to talk (Weekly)10 Top Tips!

Following on from our recent blog series looking at some of the crucial topics around remote working, we thought it would be handy to provide a list of Weekly10 Top Tips for effective remote working and keeping happy while telecommuting.

Occasionally we here of companies trialling remote working, deciding it’s not for them and rolling back to an office-based approach (we see you there Yahoo!) and yet for every failure that seems to be a success, for every Yahoo! a dozen Buffers, Auttomatics and GitLabs (all 100% remote based) stand triumphant. Whilst remote working won’t be (and in some cases, can’t be) for everyone, where an unsuccessful remote work trial does crop up, it often feels like some of the issues faced, could have been avoided with some better forward thinking.

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Remote Working – 3: But what’s in it for my company?

Chris Shenton | Head of People Science at Weekly10 / July 11, 2019

And so, the end is near…

That’s right guys, we’ve nearly reached the end of our series of blogs looking at the remote working revolution that is shaking up business in the UK and further afield. If you have missed either of our previous posts looking at what remote working is and the impact it can have on wellbeing, these are available at the end of this post. Go give them a read, we’ll wait here for you…

For those avid readers who are up to date with the series, well done first of all. Secondly, you may be asking yourself:

“OK Chris, you’ve told us what remote working is, how the remote work revolution rumbles ever forward and the benefits & negatives of remote working on employee wellbeing, but what about the bottom line, how does remote working impact my company’s performance?”

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Remote Working – 2: Wellbeing

Chris Shenton | Head of People Science at Weekly10 / July 4, 2019

Well hello there and welcome back to our blog series looking at the world of remote working. In Part 1 of the series (available here), we discussed the past, present and likely future of the remote work approach to employment. We also looked at the often-overlooked environmental benefits of larger numbers of employees working from home on a regular basis and the huge improvements this could have for our urban and rural areas. In this post we look in more detail at one of the real key areas of remote working, that of employee wellbeing.

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Remote Working – 1: The What, Why and How of Remote Work

Chris Shenton | Head of People Science at Weekly10 / June 26, 2019

In a break with tradition (appropriate given the subject matter) we thought we’d bring you not just a single hit blog post, but a full-blown series on just one topic. We considered Britain’s favourite cakes, the impact of topsoil erosion on invertebrate colonies and Eurovision winners from the seventies, but in the end, we’ve settled on the hot topic of remote working.

You might have been involved in casual chat around remote work, with phrases like “I work remotely now” or “I now get to travel and take my work with me” often overheard both in social and corporate settings.

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Slack: Where Employee Engagement Happens

Andy Roberts / June 19, 2019

Here at Weekly10 we believe employee engagement is for everyone in every organisation – and that is why we are always looking for ways to make our Weekly10 process as accessible as possible to every person in every team.

So today, we are very excited to announce that Weekly10 is now available from right inside your Slack workflow.

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Getting ‘bang for your buck’ on employee engagement? If you’ve no idea, you’re not alone.

Shelley Heath / June 12, 2019

Employee engagement is a hot topic right now. Businesses left, right and centre are attempting engagement programmes. Discussions industry-wide are being held about how companies could be creating workplaces where every employee happily puts in their best performance, day in, day out. Yet 61% of UK employees remain disengaged, this is despite HR spending an average of 15% of their week on employee relations and engagement.

Clearly, something is amiss. Yet those that are getting it right, are outpacing and outperforming their competitors2 by 10% in customer loyalty/engagement; 21% in profitability and 20% in productivity – so for some, employee engagement is paying big dividends. But for the vast majority that invest in training and engagement – some 92% of companies - they have ZERO idea as to the impact of their programmes, good or bad.

In this blog we’re about to demystify this topic, once and for all.

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Choice paralysis? Social proofing? Oedipus what now? Meet our Head of People Science, Chris.

Weekly10 / June 6, 2019

So, who do we have here then?

  • Approx. 5ft 10
  • Shabby-chic face fluff
  • A rucksack of books about behavioural economics, social psychology and statistics
  • White lab coat

It can only be, our new Head of People Science & Marketing, Chris!

Chris is a trained consumer psychologist, having studied at Bangor University for both his BSc in Psychology and MSc in Consumer Psychology and Marketing. In his Master’s year, he graduated with distinction, top of his class, picking up a national student marketing award win from the Chartered institute of Marketing on route.

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The Price of Attention

Will Robinson / May 30, 2019

Perhaps like my own, many people’s school days were regularly punctuated by the sound of the words “Pay attention!” accompanied by an accusatory glare and a (short) shift in my focus. This phrase is embedded in our language and frames quite clearly that our attention is a resource much like time or money, that we make choices on how to spend. The question is, are we making wise choices?

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