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Making employee check-ins more flexible with your new Question-Setting Experience.

This month sees the launch of your all-new Question-Setting Experience, available in Microsoft Teams and web. It brings you a more flexible way to build your Weekly10 check-in. Your questions all in one place. Scheduling tools and a curated question bank makes getting to the heart of your engagement and performance challenges simple.

Your new Question-Setting Experience is designed to help you ask better questions. Ask questions that are more targeted yet flexible.

We know the key to a great employee check-in lies in the questions you ask. Your new Question-Setting Experience is here to help you ask great ones.

The power of a great question

Questions that are asked poorly have a real impact on the insights collected from your employees. Biased terms, confusing language, or asking leading questions are all enemies of great questions.

Our People Science team work closely with clients to improve question quality. All that experience and learning is now available to you and your teams via the new Question Library.

The Question Library offers you tried and tested questions covering a range of topics. From everyday engagement to remote work challenges, wellbeing checks and performance, it's all here.

See how to access the library here.

Flexibility builds insights

The new Question-Setting Experience offers you more flexibility in how you ask questions in Weekly10.

By mixing up the frequency you ask questions, you not only gather more feedback about a wider range of topics, but you keep the check-in fresh for your people. This leads to greater participation and more diverse conversations.

New scheduling tools mean you can take advantage of flexible question-setting. You now have full control over when your questions are asked and for how long they appear in your employee check-ins.

Access your new question-setting experience

You'll be able to access your new Question-Setting Experience later this month in Weekly10 for both Microsoft Teams and web. There are no upgrade fees or additional cost. The new experience will become available by default once live.

If you’d like a guided demo of the new Question-Setting Experience, reach out to your Customer Success Partner or get in touch with the Weekly10 team via

Please note: the new Question-Setting Experience is currently in beta. During this time functionality may change slightly.

Make sure you sign-up now for our launch event webinar on the 24th March at 2 PM (GMT)