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The best Microsoft Teams apps to download in 2021 for better performance and experience

With daily users growing to more than 115 million people last year, it's safe to say Microsoft Teams has become an essential platform for remote work in the modern-day. 

And with all that traffic, the Appsource market's (Teams own app store) popularity has been booming.

 So, as the leading employee engagement and performance management solution on the platform, we've decided to put together a list of the best Microsoft Teams apps in 2021.

The number of tools available through Appsource is

If you remember the list of best app integrations we did in the summer of last year, then don't worry, we're not here to retread old ground. We still recommend checking out all the apps on that list, but today the range of apps available for plugging into your Teams tech stack is far, far greater than it was last summer. We want to highlight some more tools that can really help you to get the most out of your Teams experience.

There are currently over 700 apps available for download through Microsoft Teams, covering a head-spinning variety of functions. 

Whether you're managing employees, or looking getting to grips with the latest CRM tools, there's going to be something for you. So, as you can imagine, sifting through them all to come up with our 'Best Microsoft Teams apps 2021' list hasn't been easy!

1. Asana: Best Teams app for planning any project

While there are plenty of project management tools on Appsource, we've decided to go with Asana. Not only can you access, share, and edit your Asana tasks through Teams, you can also use the Asana app to turn Teams conversations into actionable tasks. This app is great when you're managing team members in different locations, and want everyone to be on the same page. This can be a great way of making sure you don't micromanage, while ensuring that your team have the proper assignment briefs and reminders to hand.

2. MailClark: Best Teams app for pulling your comms together

Instead of emptying your inbox, maybe you just want easier access to it. MailClark creates a shared inbox for your email accounts and social media and allows you to view and send external emails or messages, all through Teams. MailClark makes our Best Microsoft Teams apps 2021 list because of how useful it is for all sorts of roles that require consistent communication, whether that's through helping senior leaders balancing various aspects of the business, or improving communication by sales and customer support staff to enhance the customer experience.

3. MURAL: Best Teams app for creativity

There are quite a few digital whiteboard apps for Teams, including Microsoft Whiteboard. But we wanted to highlight the MURAL app on Teams, as it's incredibly flexible. MURAL's shared digital workspace allows users to collaborate across the world with messages, illustrations, and sticky notes. It also includes templates to help you get your virtual space organised quickly, and users can place MURAL content directly into their Teams messages to ensure you get your point across.

4. Karma: Best Teams app for connecting remote teams

At Weekly10, we're big on the idea of employee recognition as a way to motivate employees and reduce turnover, and Karma is an app to help with just that. Through Karma, employees can award each other points recognising each other's hard work and accomplishments. Teams of employees even get their own high scoreboard for a bit of light-hearted office competition. While it's by no means an objective tracker of performance or engagement, it makes our Best Microsoft Teams apps in 2021 list because it's a great tool for getting your employees into the mindset of recognising each other's contributions.

5. MS Translator: Best Teams app for communicating with the world

While there are text translation tools available on Appsource, it's actually possible to use Microsoft's own translation service through Teams with this simple guide. This service translates text, speech, and even image text like road signs in real time. So, whether you're working with an overseas client, or you're managing multiple international teams, MS Translator helps things run a lot more smoothly. That's why, even though it's not downloaded from Appsource like the rest of these entries, we wanted to include it on our Best Microsoft Teams apps 2021 list.

6. Remind: Best Teams app for keeping track of your day

Good time-keeping and an ability to remember prior obligations are important soft skills in any workplace. But we're all only human, and mistakes happen. That, combined with its sheer user-friendliness, is why we've included Remind on our list of the best Microsoft Teams apps. It's a great light-touch approach to coordinating your team remotely, that doesn't make anyone feel singled out. You can set personal or group reminders, and even set up recurring ones. You can chat with the bot directly, or just use @ to mention it. Then you just tell it what to do, followed by when, right down to the time-zone. So, a reminder to call Weekly10's founder might look like this: "Call Andy" at 13:30 GMT.

7. Givitas: Best Teams app for expert assistance on any project

Givitas is an app that does exactly what the internet was designed to do: Make knowledge sharing quick and easy. If you're struggling with a task, and you're worried you'll miss your deadline, then you should try Givitas. Whether you're just stuck on something, or you're trying to gather knowledge for your whole team, the app puts you in contact with specialists who can help solve your issue quickly and easily.

8. Lifesize: Best Teams app for optimising your experience

One of the most important things about Microsoft Teams is its accessibility. Even if you don't have a phenomenal internet connection, you can most likely still have a stable video conference. But for those times when you want to ramp the quality up to 11, there's the Lifesize app. This app is designed to provide higher video and audio quality during a video call, conference or livestream. So, whether you're a tech-loving manager looking to immerse their team in a quality presentation, or you're trying to really wow some prospective clients, the Lifesize app is definitely one to look into!

9. MyHub: Best Teams app for organising your stack

The sheer number of tools and services Microsoft have released over the years can be pretty overwhelming, and in the modern workplace, you're likely to be using at least a couple of them. If that's the case, then MyHub can be a real lifesaver. It's designed to centralise your Microsoft 365 workspaces through Teams, including Groups, SharePoint sites, and Yammer communities. With the MyHub app for Teams, it's much quicker and easier to access important information. Users can even create new workspaces through Teams for virtual collaboration, and team leaders can manage groups and handle membership requests, all through the app.

10. Wiki: Best Teams app for knowledge

We're sort of cheating for our final entry, as Wiki is actually a function that's already native to Teams. But we couldn't leave it out of our Best Microsoft Teams apps 2021 list because it's so useful. Wiki is a smart-text editor that allows you to easily create and share guides, FAQs and other repositories of knowledge through Teams for your employees. So, in the new normal dominated by remote work, Wiki is an essential tool for creating shared knowledge resources and onboarding new staff members.

Surprise bonus: The Weekly10 app (well, can you blame us?) 

We're being a bit cheeky here, as our app extension was technically on our last list but the app has had some serious upgrades since then bringing OKRs, goals and performance reviews into Teams as well as our employee check-in tools. 

Fancy seeing it in action? You can always book a guided demo below (run by one of our HR Customer Success Partners - no pushy sales types here). To learn more about getting the most out of Microsoft Teams for your workplace, or to learn how Weekly10 enhances employee engagement, visit the Weekly10 blog today!

Is your organisation using Teams and looking for a way to drive employee engagement or power-up performance? We're here to help.