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Request and give feedback anytime with Weekly10’s ad-hoc feedback tools

We’ve introduced another new feature for Weekly10 in 2022; Ad-hoc feedback that gives the power of feedback to your people exactly when they need it.

We’ve all been there. You’ve just delivered on a project, you think it’s gone well but no one has really said much beyond the polite “good job”. If you're lucky, your manager will have some valuable feedback for you during your next 1:1 or performance review; whenever that is!

But what about feedback from peers, teammates and the people you collaborate with on a daily basis?

Research shows that one of the biggest gripes employees have is not getting enough feedback on the things that matter to them. In fact, 79% of employees feel they don’t get enough feedback. But now your people can flag what they would appreciate getting some feedback on and who from.

Our new feature allows anyone to request feedback from, or give feedback to, anyone else within their organisation on a timeframe that suits them.

How does it work?

Available on both the Weekly10 web platform and Weekly10 for Microsoft Teams (and coming soon to Slack), users can now access the new ‘Feedback’ tab on their personal dashboard in Weekly10.

This powerful little tab packs quite a punch. From here employees, managers and leaders can request and supply feedback to any other Weekly10 user in their organisation.

To request feedback, it’s a simple case of picking a topic, project, or event that you want feedback on and using your user filter tools to pick the person or people you want to get that feedback from.

You can even choose to share feedback received automatically with your manager.

Any feedback received in this way is stored in each employee's profile just like check-in and goal data so that it can be used in 1:1 conversations and performance reviews, as well as wider situations such as CPD activities.

Who is ad hoc feedback for?

Anyone and everyone in your organisation. We've been trialling these new features with a few of our global customers who've been putting them to great use in a range of scenarios including:

  • Peer-to-peer
  • Manager-to-employee
  • Employee-to-manager
  • End of project feedback
  • Event and presentation feedback

And we’re sure you'll find numerous other ways to harness the power of ad hoc feedback, available now.

New to Weekly10 and want to see ad hoc feedback in action? Check out our launch event.