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10 of the best HR podcasts we say you should start listening to right now!

Updated 15th January 2023

Human resources departments; most organisations that aren't small businesses or start-ups have them. HR departments have a lot of responsibilities, from recruitment and payroll to assisting with employee development and driving employee engagement. 

There are a great number of areas of expertise in any given HR department and tonnes of fascinating (and some not so...) topics for conversation. 

So, of course, it makes total sense in the age of the podcast that for any potential listener there is an eye-watering huge range of HR-focussed podcasts available out there. As with any large selection of anything (particularly chocolate selections) quality varies considerably. 

That's why we're here this week, to help point you in the direction of some of the best HR podcasts available today. Let's dive in!

The most educational HR podcasts

The best HR podcast for authority: CIPD

This list isn't in any particular order, but we wanted to kick it off with the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (and yes we realise we're hardly plucking this one for obscurity!). 

CIPD are the main professional body that awards professional HR qualifications in the UK, and their research provides a healthy amount of the stats that feature in some of our articles (see here for a stat heavy example). So it makes sense that they have one of the best HR podcasts on the web.

The CIPD podcast has over 160 episodes on a wide variety of HR-related issues available on their website. They also include transcripts of all their podcast episodes to ensure you don't miss out on valuable information. 

They might not always have as much personality as a few of the others below, but the quality and variety of topics are second to none. Well worth a listen.

The best HR podcast for the psychology and science of HR: World of Work

The World of Work Project is committed to producing and distributing accessible educational resources about issues in the workplace. 

Their podcast covers a lot of different topics, catering to employees trying to advance their careers, as well as leaders trying to manage their teams more effectively, and HR professionals looking to broaden their understanding. 

Their range of topics includes personal and organisational development, business responsibility, and even meditation podcasts to help with wellness.

Our founder/CEO, Andy even appeared on an episode back in 2019 to discuss our work with employee sentiment analysis and other AI tools for HR.

The best HR podcast for your quick fix: DriveThru HR

But if you don't have an hour at a time to sit down and listen to a podcast, then DriveThru HR might be more your speed. Each episode is thirty minutes, and there are well over 1500 of them available at the time of writing. Its hosts have an impressive pool of experience, starting with Michael VanDervort, who is the Executive Director of CUE Inc., and volunteer leader of the Society for Human Resource Management. 

He's joined by Robin Schooling, co-chair of the Open Source Board of Directors and contributor to publications such as SHRM and Recruiting Daily, Dwane Lay, who is the Joveo's Global Head of Customer Success, and Crystal Miller Lay, an analyst for the Forbes Agency Council, and contributor to numerous HR and employee management publications. This is easily one of the best HR podcasts around for sheer volume of content. In fact, in that regard, it's probably the best outright. DriveThru HR is available through Blog Talk Radio and Apple Podcasts.

For sheer entertainment value

The best HR podcast for celebrity guests: The Tim Ferriss Show

With over 9000 five-star reviews, more than 500 million episodes downloaded, and three annual "œBest Of" Apple podcast awards, The Tim Ferriss Show has more accolades than the eponymous Tim knows what to do with. So this would hardly be a list of the best HR podcasts if we didn't include it.

While the Tim Ferris Show has plenty of general business content, what really sets it apart is the emphasis on areas like HR in the arts or professional sports, and more. If you've ever wanted to learn what HR is like in show business, this is the podcast for you. 

Tim boasts an impressive list of guest stars, including actors like Hugh Jackman and Matthew McConaughey, sports legends such as LeBron James, and some of the biggest names in fiction, film and television, like best-selling author Neil Gaiman, and legendary producer and director Jon Favreau. 

Not every episode relates to HR so you will have to sniff out the truffles a little here, but when you find one you'll see these are some of the finest audio truffles around!

Our list of the 10 best HR podcasts (in our opinion) you should be listening to right now.
So many HR podcasts, so little time!

The best HR podcast for being one of the in-crowd: HR Happy Hour

One of the most popular HR podcasts in town, running since 2009, HR Happy Hour is an online radio show and podcast hosted by Steve Boese and Trish McFarlane. Steve is the co-founder of H3 HR Advisors, and Program Chair of the HR Technology Conference and Trish is the current CEO and principal analyst of H3 HR Advisors. Their collective experience and insight into the finer points of human resource management are what earns HR Happy Hour a spot on our list of the best HR podcasts.

As you might expect from a podcast that's been going for twelve straight years, there are literally hundreds of episodes to pick from, covering just about any HR topic you can think of. And if you like listening to these two, they even have a series called "HR Happy Hour Work Break!" which doesn't move entirely away from HR, but also features more casual conversation about everything from their personal lives to the recent US elections.

The best HR podcast for pun lovers: Nine to Thrive (HCI)

To think, we almost got the whole way through this list without mentioning anything with a pun in the title. Nine to Thrive is a HR podcast run by the Human Capital Institute, and though we're a fan of the name, the quality of discussion is just as good (if not better).

They're also a great time-effective option, with the longest of their episodes running at half an hour, and the shortest being less than twenty minutes.

Nine to Thrive is available through Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and Pod Tail.

The best HR podcast for chilling out with: HR Break Room

Sometimes, you need to unwind with a bit of a natter. That's why we're rounding off our list of the best HR podcasts with HR Break Room, which promises interesting break room conversation. While they do discuss HR issues, it's the sort of conversation you'd have over a cup of coffee. So pour yourself a cup, grab a chair, and start listening to one of over eighty episodes at the time of writing. HR Break Room is hosted by Caleb Masters and Chelsea Justice, and is available through Paycom.

The podcasts exploring progressive HR topics

The best HR podcast for a real focus on diversity: #SecureTheSeat

Presented by Minda Harts, #SecureTheSeat is one of the best HR podcasts for tackling progressive workplace issues. #SecureTheSeat emphasises the stories of women of colour across different sectors, giving BAME and female employees a voice that reflects their experiences and concerns. Minda Harts walks her listeners through the everyday issues faced by women and minorities in the workplace, and gives practical, lived advice on how to make sure you're treated fairly.

While #SecureTheSeat is available through Apple Podcasts and Spotify, it's also available through Minda's personal website, where you can learn more about her bestselling book and personal speaking services. New episodes aren't coming out as frequently as they used to, but it's a wealth of valuable insight on creating a truly progressive workplace culture.

The best HR podcast for early adopters: The Way We Lead

Sticking with progressive podcasts for a minute, The Way We Lead is a HR podcast that's also committed to supporting marginalised peoples in the workplace. While they're still relatively new with ten episodes of their first season available to listen to, each episode addresses issues like mental health, supporting interns, the workplace difficulties faced by the LGBTQ community, and creating a more diverse workplace culture. The Way We Lead is available on a wide array of streaming platforms, so no matter what service you use, they'll only be a click away.

The best HR podcasts to listen to when commuting.
Perfect HR podcasts for the daily commute

The best HR podcast spotlighting industry innovators: Redefining HR, with Lars Schmidt

With just shy of 150 episodes at the end of 2022, Lars Schmidt has built up an impressive list of interviews. Many of the guests on Redefining HR are senior leaders from major brands and organisations. Lars might be talking to the Chief Design Officer of PepsiCo in one episode, and NASA's Chief Human Capital Officer in another. While many episodes focus on the interview guests themselves, others focus on topics like bereavement and grief at work.

So there you have it, our little top 10 HR podcasts we think you should start listening to today. With huge engagement and wellbeing challenges on the horizon in 2023, it's vital we draw wisdom from different sources.

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